Please finish your registration by Tuesday, 15th October 2013 at 10.00 a.m. CET

Fees and instructions for registration

1. Fees:

EPNOE 2013 Conference:
Registration fees include atte
ndance to all sessions, book of abstracts, coffee-breaks, lunches and the Gala Dinner.

Registration until September 10, 2013
    Regular participants                   760€/person
    Student                                       390€/person
    Special rate for a group of students from the same university (for at least 3 undergraduate or graduate students): 390€/person for the first 2 students, then 270€/person for the following students of the same group
    BIC Member                               390€/person

Registration after September 10, 2013
    Regular participants                   860€/person
    Student                                       490€/person
pecial rate for a group of students from the same university (for at least 3 undergraduate or graduate students): 490€/person for the first 2 students, then 370€/person for the following students of the same group
BIC Member                              490€/person        

Gala Dinner
    Accompanying person               75€/person

Pre-Conference Course on Materials from Polysaccharides:
Registration fees include attendance to all lectures, slides of lectures, coffee-breaks and lunches.
    Regular participants                   150€/person
    Students                                      50€/person

2. Instructions for registration:

By clicking on the link: you will be directed to the registration page. Please choose a language by clicking on the flag.

You can now see three sections: ”Information”, “Pre-registration” and “Confirm a pre-registration”. Please, click on “Pre-registration”.

In the “Tarification” field you have to choose your category. Please choose the most suitable option:

  • BIC member” for the industrial members of EPNOE;
  • CEMEF” for CEMEF employees and students;
  • Student” for undergraduate and graduate students;
  • Group of students” for the 3rd and the following undergraduate or graduate students from the same institution (in order to benefit from the “group of students” special rate, you need to send us by e-mail the list of students from your institution participating in the conference to;
  •  “Regular participant” for all other participants;
  • Accompanying person”: you can buy additional tickets for the Gala dinner as a supplement of your own registration. This supplement will appear on your invoice. If you do not wish so, you can alternatively register separately the persons accompanying you to the Gala dinner by doing a new “pre-registration” and selecting the category “accompanying person” (same procedure as for your own registration, only the category changes). In this case, please note that you need to provide a different email address than yours. You can buy more than one “accompanying person” ticket.
  • Plenary, Keynote lecturer” for special guests, keynote lecturers and plenary lecturers.

After filling in all the necessary data, please click on “OK”. You are now pre-registered. Please wait until you receive an e-mail on the e-mail address you have stated it the form, confirming that your pre-registration has been registered. If any of the data you have provided needs to be clarified, we will contact you directly via e-mail. Please note that e-mails may sometimes be treated as spam by your mailbox. If you haven’t received your e-mail within two days after pre-registration, please check your spam folder before contacting us.

After receiving our confirmation e-mail you can proceed to payment. Either click on the link given in the e-mail, or access the registration page through our website and then click on “Confirm a pre-registration”. Please fill in your surname, name and e-mail address and click on “Enter”.

After filling in all the fields, please click on “Next step”. You will see the details of your organization. Confirm that they are correct and click on “Next step” once again. You will come to the payment section. You can choose if you are paying the invoice or if it will be paid by another person/entity. In the latter case, please fill in all the necessary information and click on “Next step”.

You then choose if you wish to participate in the Pre-conference course and/or if you wish to bring up to 3 accompanying persons to the Gala Dinner (please note that your Gala Dinner ticket is already included in the fee).

  • For the Pre-conference course, choose one of the given rates (50€ for students and 150€ for regular participants).
  • For every accompanying person for the Gala Dinner, select a "Gala Dinner Accompanying person" box.

Click on “OK” and then choose the payment method: debit card, bank transfer or purchase order (For bank transfers please state the name of the participant and the number of purchase order in the transfer's title).


You can download the instructions for registration below if you wish:
Registration instructions

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